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Your city has the unique opportunity to take part in pioneering projects aimed at making our inner cities more attractive and healthier, while at the same time gaining valid data and insights for future developments. In line with the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building, we therefore offer you the opportunity to apply for pilot studies in the following fields of action in the area of real-world experiments.

Digital communication of sports offers for municipalities: 

As part of this project, comprehensive surveys of your existing informal outdoor sports and exercise infrastructures will be carried out in order to qualify and quantify them according to EU standards. By integrating this data into a standardized database, activation campaigns for the population can be planned and made visible as information via various platforms such as web, app, etc.

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PopUp Outdoor Gym & monitoring of user behavior & demand: 

An existing outdoor or new, temporary pop-up outdoor training and exercise infrastructure will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and sensors to validate the attractiveness, effectiveness and use of active and sports facilities in and around the city center in a real-life experiment. The results of this project serve as an important building block and basis for well-founded sports and urban development planning.

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