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Discover the possibilities of technology, IoT and digitalization to optimize and improve your outdoor fitness and health offerings

Our Solutions

We support and accompany public administrations and private companies on their way to digitalization.
Our innovative solutions enable your city, region or company to meet future requirements in the outdoor fitness and health segment through digital transformation and its own data sovereignty.

Inventory & analysis

As a basis for activating or recommending action for the development and expansion of suitable infrastructures. With Europe's first standardized, digital and scientifically tested procedure

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Activity monitoring

We build and develop activity scores in the field of outdoor fitness and health for smart cities, municipalities and regions that want to be healthy and active. From cycle paths and playgrounds to sports facilities.

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Operation & management

From telecoaching and booking systems to the development of communities. To inspire people, you need the right messages and a permanent approach via digital channels.

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"In order to get as many people as possible excited about a sustainable and healthy lifestyle in the fresh air, new, digital and innovative measures are needed in addition to the simple installation of systems or devices in order to increase effectiveness and finally make it measurable"

Thorsten Grießer

Thorsten Grießer

CEO Planet-O GmbH

According to scientific standards

Inventory determination & Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative stock assessments serve as the basis for activating and recommending action for the appropriate development and expansion of suitable infrastructures. 

We have developed a Europe-wide unique, standardized and scientifically tested method to digitally evaluate and map outdoor fitness and health locations. 

In cooperation with:

1. online & database analysis

Analyze existing information of current data and collect all relevant information

2. evaluation planning

Preparation & planning of the evaluation process including the definition of qualitative and quantitative characteristics

3. survey

Digital survey and analysis of relevant areas with automated database integration

4. evaluation

Individual evaluation of the databases for further processing for the final determination of requirements

5. visualization

Visualization and preparation of the data on the web or analogue as a basis for further decision-making processes

Activity Monitoring

We build and develop activity monitoring solutions in the field of outdoor fitness and health for smart cities, municipalities, clubs and regions that want to be healthy and active. These can include cycle paths, playgrounds, fitness spots and other areas. 


Technological infrastructure

With the right technological infrastructure, occupancy times, utilization, usage frequencies and other parameters can be monitored. Depending on your project, you can choose between video surveillance, radio frequency or sensor technology.


Scores & Dashboards

With secure data processing and the right analysis, the next step is to get the most out of existing outdoor systems.

The visualization of data via dashboards and the development of activity scores can be used and expanded for publicity purposes. 

Inventory determination & Analysis

Anna Katharina HeßMarketing

Anna Katharina Heß marketing

"To inspire as many people as possible, you need the right messages and a permanent approach via digital channels"