The Digital Active Regions Europe - Outdoor (#DARE-O) project aims to educate citizens towards a sustainable active lifestyle. To this end, we will activate, localise, digitise and personalise existing outdoor gyms to gather valuable insights on the existing outdoor fitness infrastructure in Europe and enable the scientific community to work with valid data on the physical activity of EU citizens.


Project management: Post SV Nuremberg 

Project initiators: Planet-O


Eurobarometers reports that 40% of physical activity (PA) is performed outdoor and therefore it is important to optimize outdoor exercise experience of EU citizen. Furthermore, "green exercise", i.e. PA in natural enviroments, also increases mental health. The "Digital Active Regions Europe - Outdoor (#DARE-O)" project aims to educate citizens to adopt a sustainable active lifestyle. To this purpose the objectives are to activate, localize, digitize and personalize existing outdoor gyms and organize digital "green exercise" training locations, which will be presented and advertised to all EU citizens via smart web-app services. The project team will use well known formats from the shared economy to achieve project results faster. Outdoor sports facilities will be digitalized in a way that conserve resources and refurbishes existing sites into attractive and safe active spaces. Users could choose between free of charge supervised or free training sessions in groups, teams or on their own with access at any time (24/7). The DARE-O team will gain valuable insights into the training preferences of users of the outdoor gyms and could individualize workout facilities. Coaches will be presented within a detailed trainer profile for all users. Individualized and tailored exercise videos will be available for every different fitness levels by scanning the QR code on each workout machine. Furthermore, the scientific community will benefit of using valid data showing insights of the physical activity of the EU citizens. Based on an open architecture approach, third-party services can constantly be integrated in the future. Overall we will build the European Green Exercise Outdoor Site map, giving the chance to activate more EU citizens. The project will help to understand and create new solutions for a sustainable healthier lifestyle. Last but not least we can solve the problem of overcrowded indoor sport facilities and unused existing outdoor fitness sites.

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